About FTI Consulting

What does FTI Consulting do?

What are FTI Consulting’s main businesses?

Who are FTI Consulting’s clients?

Who does FTI Consulting compete with?

What sets FTI Consulting apart in the marketplace?

How many employees work for the Company?

How many offices does the Company have and where are they located?

Does FTI Consulting have an acquisition strategy?

What is FTI Consulting’s fiscal year?

When does FTI Consulting report its earnings?

Who are FTI Consulting’s independent public accountants?

FTI Consulting Stock Information

On what exchange is the Company’s stock traded and what is the Company’s ticker symbol?

When did FTI Consulting have its Initial Public Offering?

How many shares of stock are outstanding?

Does the Company pay a dividend?

Can I buy stock directly from the Company?

How can I get information about my shares?

Who is FTI Consulting’s transfer agent?

Getting Information About FTI Consulting

How can I request investor information?

Can I view or download a copy of the Annual Report directly from the website?

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